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Vilanova i la Geltrú, 1954.

Lives and works in Barcelona.


Joan Ill’s main interest focuses on the investigation of painting’s limits, specifically on the use of light and transparency integrating the frame to the shape and structure of the work. In his installations, usually site specific, he combines different techniques such as: painting, video, digigraphy, light or sound.


In his latest series Sacralis, it is the absence of any type of representation what adds sense to the work. A work produced with very austere materials such as wood, paint and fabric in which the usual language of the artist and his interest to go beyond the limits of painting want us to transcend from ourselves for a brief moment to fall into a mystic silence.


Joan Ill enters the painting world during the 80’s, after studying art and interior design at IADE Barcelona. He quickly identifies himself with Art Informel and chooses to work with paintings and huge dimensions which get close to the decade’s neoexpressionism. From 1988 on, and once established in Paris, he has a change of heart over the impulsivity that guides his work and feels the need to abandon it, which leads his work into a radical change. It is in this moment when the artist focuses his interest in painting with a very rigorous and expressive austerity.


The series Gentilly, 3.6.9 (1993-1996) displays a completely abstract creative process based fundamentally on the rectangular shape. The use of sewing and painting’s traces define the scarce representativity of this productive period. A work in which the frame gradually becomes an integral part of the artwork. The series Paradisos Perduts (1997-2003) shows the increased interest of the artist for transparency, bidimensionality and at the same time questions the traditional function of the frame. From 2000 on, Joan Ill shows a great versatility by using different techniques, especially video and installations. In the series Limes (2004-2008) he adds photography printed on
transparent fabric (digigraphy over polyester), sometimes painted and sewed afterwards. In this period he starts thinking about going back to that 90’s abandoned representativity. In this case, he bases his images on mediterranean landscapes: the horizon, the sea, perception’s limits…



Joan Ill has collaborated with various galleries and attended fairs like ARCO Madrid, Art Cologne, KunstRai Amsterdam, LOOP Barcelona, Beirut Art Fair,... His work is part of public and private collections nationally and internationally.


1972-1975 Arts and Crafts School Barcelona. Barcelona, ES

Interior Design. School IADE (UNESCO). Barcelona, ES

1982 - Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. Scenography directed by Iago Perico. Barcelona, ES




2019 - Awarded by the Torres García Painting Award . Mataró, Barcelona, ES

2010 - Selected for the Jamal Art Price (V&A Museum of London), GB

2008 - 2nd Place. Video Art for Nike. Catalan Federation of Basketball. Barcelona, ES

2005 - Finalist. HONDA Painting Award. Barcelona, ES

         - Finalist. 3rd Contemporary Art Painting Award. Foundation Vilacasas. Barcelona, ES

2000 - 1st Place. International Competition of Pictorial Investigation. Salou, Tarragona, ES

1981 - Finalist. 22nd Young Painting Award. Barcelona, ES



2018 - Beirut Art Fair. L&B Gallery. Beirut, LB
         - Art Centre of Essenheim. Essenheim, DE


2017 - L&B Gallery. Barcelona, ES

         - Installation. Open Day Poblenou Urban District. Barcelona, ES


2015 - Installation: “Acallar los ojos para que los oídos vean (J/A)”. L&B Gallery. Barcelona, ES

         - L&B Gallery. Barcelona, ES


2011 - L&B Gallery. Barcelona, ES


2009 - Installation. Khan Assad Basha / Instiuto Cervantes of Damascus. SY

         - Mustafá Ali Foundation. Damascus, SY

         - L&B Gallery. Barcelona, ES


2008 - LA SALA. Espai d’ art Contemporani. VNG, ES


2007 - Centre d’estudis catalans da Parìs. La Sorbonne. Marais, Paris, FR


2006 - Galería Antoni Pinyol. Reus, ES

         - Art and History Museum Salvador Vilaseca. Reus, ES

         - Galería Metropolitana Barcelona. Barcelona, ES


2004 - LOOP. Galería Safia. Barcelona, ES

         - Galería Metropolitana de Barcelona. Barcelona, ES

         - Foundation Fran Dauel. Off LOOP. Barcelona, ES


2003 - ”La Caixa“ Foundation: “ESPAI 0”. CaixaForum Tarragona, ES

2002 - Visions de Futur. CCCB Projectes. Barcelona, ES


2001 - Galería Metropolitana de Barcelona. ES


2000 - Galería Antoni Pinyol. Reus, ES


1998 - Galería Felix. Caracas, VE


1996 - Galería Verena Hofer. Barcelona, ES
         - Intervention: “Ignorada Façana de Ponent”. Hotel César. VNG, Barcelona, ES


1995 - Intervention: “Paradisos perduts”. Limpieza del Litoral. University Paris VIII, VNG, Barcelona, ES

         - Intervention: “Globus pintats”. Happening with Josep Torelló. VNG, Barcelona, ES


1993 - Espace Niepce. París, FR


1991 - Galería Keller. Paris, ES

         - Alan LawrenceGallery. New York, US


1990 - France-Loisirs. Paris, FR


1989 - Atelier-ink. Alan Lawrence. Paris, FR


1987 - Art Ginesta. Sitges, ES

         - Centre de lectura. Reus, Tarragona, ES


1985 - Sala Vinardell i Roig. Aula Aliance Française. Girona, ES

         - Aula AlianceFrançaise. Sabadell, ES



2019 - Towards the Sublime, Tanit Gallery. Beirut, LE

         - Painting awards Torres-García ciutat de Mataró, Associació Sant Lluc, Barcelona, ES

2018 - KunstRai Amsterdam. L&B Gallery. Amsterdam, NL


2017 - Reus Urban Art. Reus, ES


2015 - Piramidón Centre d’Art Contemporani. Barcelona, ES


2014 - Galería Ester Montoriol. Barcelona, ES


2013 - LA SALA. Centre d’Art Contemporani. VNG, Barcelona, ES


2009 - Galería Antoni Pinyol. Reus, ES 

         - Caixa of Barcelona. Camins. Girona, ES
         - Foment Vilanoví. VNG, Barcelona, ES

         - Mostra d’ art del Penedes. Ardhara, ES

         - Le Sud Attaque Espais C. Art Contemporani. Girona, ES


2007 - Catalan Federation of Basketball. Barcelona, ES and Sète, FR

         - La Fabbrica del Uomo. Studio di Più. Milan, IT


2005 - Art Cologne. Galería Metropolitana Barcelona. Cologne, DE

         - HONDA Painting Award. Travelling: La Garriga. Tarragona and Lleida, ES

         - 3rd Contemporary Art Award. Vilacasas Foundation. Torroella de Montgri, ES


2004 - Art Cologne. Galería Metropolitana Barcelona. Cologne, DE

         - Cripta di San Domenico. Cagliari, IT

         - VI Bienal de Pintura Contemporánea de Barcelona. Barcelona, ES

         - Museo Comarcal de la Garrotxa. Olot, ES
         - Galería La cava. VNG, Barcelona, ES

         - Galería Torrellardona, Andorra, AD

         - ARCO. Galería Metropolitana de Barcelona. Madrid, ES


2003 - Warehouse. Miami, USA Instituto de México. Washington, US


2001 - ARCO. Galería Metropolitana Barcelona. Madrid, ES

         - Galería Metropolitana de Barcelona. Barcelona, ES


​1999 - ARCO. Galería Alternativa. Madrid, ES

         - Prix de Peinture Antoine Marin. Rencontres 99. Paris, FR


​1998 - Galeria M. Castellví. Barcelona, ES


1997 - Zic-Zac Ateliers Ouverts. Paris (Gentilly), FR


1993 - Galeria Verena Hofer. Barcelona, ES

         - Galeria Keller. Paris, FR


1992 - Geleria Maeght. Papel Poesia. Barcelona, ES

         - 13é Art. Ateliers Ouverts. Paris, FR


1991 - 13é Art. AteliersOuverts. Paris, FR

1990 - 35é Salon Montrouge. Paris, FR


1989 - Hipermercat. Barcelona, ES


1988 - Supermercat de l’art. Jean Pierre Guillemot. Barcelona, ES


1982 - 4th Biennal of Contemporary Painting of Barcelona. Barcelona, ES


Fundació “la Caixa”, Barcelona (ES) 

Mustafa Ali Art Foundation, Damascus (SY) 

Mairie XIII Arrondisemen, Paris (FR) 

France Loissirs, Paris (FR) 

UPC Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (ES) 

Caixa Penedès, Catalonia (ES) 

City Council of Girona (ES) 

City Council of Salou, Tarragona (ES) 

City Council of Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona (ES) 

Institut Municipal dels Museus de Reus, Tarragona (ES) 

Centre de Lectura de Reus, Tarragona (ES). 

Private collections in Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom, USA, Venezuela and Lebanon.